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Significant breakthroughs in technology

Our equipment is the most advanced form of IPL technology available. It offers significant breakthroughs in technology, giving us more options and less treatments overall than older technologies. We offer IPL, ELIGHT and SHR technologies. Ultimately we can treat a wider range of skin colours and hair colours effectively. Our Elight technology incorporates radio frequency micro current so that we can treat harder to treat hair such as fine hair or red hair. SHR technology releases micro flashes and along with a cooled head, keeps the skin comfortable and without any damage to the surrounding tissue whilst heating the chromophores in the skin gradually, therefore, providing a safer and more pain free treatment than traditional IPL equipment.

Pricing of IPL

The cost of our advanced IPL treatments represents excellent value for money. Each treatment is spaced 4-8 weeks apart and each treatment brings you closer and closer to your goal. Further benefits of IPL hair removal go beyond just having less hair – the shadow under the skin is reduced so the skin appears clearer, breakouts and irritation caused from hair growth is reduced, bacteria is reduced, ingrown hairs are reduced and the side effects and pain from waxing are also a thing of the past. Operators charging ‘cheap’ prices sometimes less than waxing costs, are often using older technologies.

Our qualifications

Laser and Lipstick operators are certified by Queensland Laser Safety, who are the current authority on laser safety in Australia.

We offer medical grade IPL treatments. Our device has been included by the Therapeutic Goods Administration on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG Listing No 168147). TGA listed equipment ensures that it has reached a certain standard of criteria that meets quality, efficacy and safety.

How do I know what skin treatment is best for me?

With so many options available it can be confusing to know which is best for you. We offer many technologies which can all be tailored to suit individual needs, time and budget.

Please make an appointment for a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your needs in more detail and make a plan for your best results.

How many IPL treatments will I need?

Our technology is the latest available and just updated this year 2016. It is powerful and takes less treatments overall than older technologies.

The number of hair removal treatments has many variables and requires more treatments than corrective skin treatments do.

At a complimentary consultation we can give you more of an idea of how many treatments you might need.

Does IPL hurt? I’ve heard its painful.

We have the latest Gold Standard IPL equipment, making our treatments the most comfortable experience available.

If you are still concerned please come in for a complimentary consultation so we can do a spot trial to put your mind at ease.

Contraindications to IPL

We cannot treat you if you are pregnant, cannot treat tattooed areas and we may not be able to treat you if you have certain illnesses or are on medications that make your skin more susceptible to light.

It is important to disclose your personal medical history, including illnesses, medications, or anything you think may be important for us to know, in order for us to provide you with the safest most effective treatment possible.

How to prepare

The area to be treated needs to be healthy and free of makeup, deodorant & fake tan. Body areas need to be shaved prior. However it is not necessary to shave your face, as this is a service we offer to do for you at your treatment at no extra cost. We can also shave body areas as well, at an additional cost to you.

What to expect at the treatment

The area is prepared with a layer of gel and sometimes marked out with a yellow marker. Your eyes will be protected with eyewear. A cooled crystal hand piece is moved gently over the area emmitting flashes of light. You may feel some warmth or even the odd hot flash every now and again but generally the treatment is completely painless. Most people feel very little heat at all, but can smell a burnt hair smell. Proof that it is actually doing something even if you cant feel it. The treatment is very quick, much faster than waxing. Gel is removed from the skin at the end of the treatment and you can get dressed. Most people have very little tell tale signs of treatment at all. You can even have your face treated and go back to work or up the street afterwards without anyone ever knowing.

How does it work and when will I see a result?

Hair grows in 3 different stages (anagen, telogen and catagen). IPL targets the brown pigment (melanin) in the hair growing in the anagen stage only, so it is important to continue regular treatments as we work with the stages of hair growth. 4 weekly on the face and body, unless otherwise advised. As the follicle is weakened by heat from the treatment, hair falls out and is replaced by finer or lighter hair or no hair at all. It takes around 2 weeks for the treated hair to fall out as it takes time to grow out of the skin. It is a progressive treatment, meaning you will experience less and less hair each treatment.

It worked well in the first few treatments but it seems as though the last treatment didn’t work as well

The cycles of hair growth are greatly disrupted with IPL. After a few treatments the 3 stages of hair growth are forced closer together until it may appear as if you have a resurgence in hair growth (usually around the 4th treatment). This is known as the ‘flourish stage’ and will quickly clear after your next treatment. This can happen twice throughout your treatment course. This is normal.

What will it look like?

As the affected hair is replaced with finer hair or no hair, the area may appear patchy and hair may even grow in clumps or patterns or appear as if theyve been ‘missed’. This is all normal.

My friend had treatments and said it didn’t work

It is important to do a full course of treatments, spaced apart at the intervals recommended, and maintain the area 1-2x per year. Often clients get such a good result in the first few treatments that they do not continue the full course and then complain it didn’t work. Our equipment definitely works! Occasionally and unfortunately some clients have had bad experiences with other clinics – this could be due to outdated technology, inexperienced operators and/or poor maintenance of their equipment.

Between treatments

Take extra care of the skin for 48 hours after treatment, due to possible hypersensitivity of the area – avoid perfumes, sweating, hot spas etc. Protect the area with sunblock during the entire course of treatments. Do not remove the hair by the root or use hair bleaching or hair removal creams during the entire course of treatment. You CAN shave as much as you like.

The final outcome

You should expect an 80-90% reduction in hair growth after 8-10 treatments, although it is unlikely you will achieve a total 100% reduction. The genital hair takes the longest to treat than other areas and may require a few more treatments than any other area of the body.

Once a full course has been completed, maintenance after 6 months of 1 or 2 treatments is recommended, as new hair follicles are generated. Some clients may find this is not necessary, whilst others may find the maintenance important to upkeep results. Everyones hair, skin and hormonal profile vary, therefore treatment outcomes will vary from person to person. There are also exceptions to the rules as outlined below.

Exceptions to the rules

HORMONAL ISSUES – Clients that are quite young or with polycystic ovary syndrome, or those on hormone replacement therapy may have to continue treatment for longer as the body is naturally set to produce and regenerate hair quicker. These clients often experience excellent control in hair growth during treatments but the final outcome is individual and should be determined on a treatment by treatment basis.

Blonde/White/Grey Hair – IPL targets the chromophore melanin to be effective in successful hair reduction. Dark hair has plenty of melanin, however clients with white, very light, or grey hair have no melanin. For those clients we do not recommend IPL hair removal treatments.

Red Hair – YES we can treat you!

Our Elight technology has you covered!

Complications and what to do

Very occassionally a client may find that their skin is irritated afterwards. Darkening of the skin, redness or a feeling of mild sunburn can be quite normal and to be expected for pigment and redness treatments. An aloe vera gel or a burn gel and/or cool compress will help to soothe the area. Rarely the skin may experience a slight burn – this is usually superficial and will heal completely. Treatment would consist of an over the counter cortisone based cream. Please do not use on broken skin and refer to the instructions on the product for use. Any of these incidences or any concerns at all should be reported to us immediately. We cannot be held responsible if you you fail to follow our recommended protocol. These are in place to minimise any negative outcome. If you are still concerned, please refer to your pharmacist or doctor.

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