Permanent Hair Reduction

Fast, non-invasive and highly effective


Permanent Hair Reduction
IPL / E-LIGHT / SHR options

Our technology is extremely fast and effective in reducing hair growth permanently. You can be 100% confident and assured of a thorough and comfortable experience. Our clients are consistently surprised at the comfort and quick results.

We can treat virtually all areas on the face and body and most hair colours including black, brown and dark blonde.

TGA listed device.

Between Eyebrows  $39
Upper Lip  $29
Chin  $39
Lip & Chin  $59
Cheeks  $59
Sideburns  $49
Front of Neck  $49
Any 4 Facial areas  $89
Underarms  $39
Nipples  $39
Stomach  $89
Navel / snail trail  $29
Bikini Line from  $39
Full face including hairline & neck $129

Brazilian  from $59
Extended Brazilian incl inner thighs (10cm)
Buttocks  $59
Full Legs  $159
Thighs  $89
Lower Legs incl knees  $159
Toes  $35
Feet & Toes  $49
Lower Arms incl 2” above elbow  $129
Full Arms  $169
Fingers  $29
Fingers and Hands  $59

Men’s Treatments

Shoulders $99
Half Back $159
Back $229
Stomach $129

Chest $129
Back, Shoulders & Tops Arms $289
T-Shirt front and back $389
Full Legs $499

Laser & Lipstick

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We are a private beauty clinic offering advanced beauty treatments tailored especially for you, in a personalised setting, and an appointment only system ensures minimal interruptions to your treatment. With a passion for healthy skin, we understand that beauty and wellness are inseparable and have an effect on every level - a healthy body is reflected in your skin, and when you look better, you feel better. We source products from ethical companies that limit or omit unecessary chemicals, do not test on animals, and have proven formulations based on science & research. Our in-house Health Coach can offer additional advice to compliment treatment goals. Utilising knowledge & the latest industry training, along with advanced technology and proven products, we work with you, to provide the most effective results.

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