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We only stock products we use and love ourselves, and because we know most of you enjoy variety, we have a few ranges to choose between, (which also work well together if you choose).

Our aim is to choose the best products available, with the cleanest most chemical free base, best delivery systems, and most effective levels of active ingredients, proven in clinical studies.

We also want the luxury of them feeling beautiful on the skin and making us feel special and nurtured. We want them to provide a clear, smooth, glowing, firm complexion.

ALL of our ranges are cruelty free.


Luxurious BIO Certified Organic skincare from France.
A concentrate of nature for over 40 years! – 100% natural origin ingredients.
Their therapeutic actions are unmatched in the organic industry with an intense effect on the cells metabolism and function to give you a beautiful healthy skin.
Each product is nourishing & protective and formulated with the purest actives, plant oils, and naturally occurring vitamins & minerals that nature can offer.
The concentrated formulas have a natural synergy with the skin because of their natural origin.
This is a very unique range that is loved by many of our clients who prefer to use organic only products.


The worlds first ‘green cosmeceutical’ range – Green chemistry & eco-friendly packaging.
A multi-award winning skincare range utilising biotechnology and science to deliver potent, cutting edge products.
Professional strength – proven results.
Core anti-ageing philosophy, Product penetration science.
Skin compatible ingredients ‘minimising irritation’ – chirally corrected molecules
Hand-engineered in small batches to ensure potency and stability.
Highly stable formulas with well-documented and original research.
100% paraben free.


Clinically smart. Naturally beautiful.
CosMedix combines the finest plant-based ingredients with Nobel prize-winning chemistry to synergistically work with the skin to create change.
The essence of this technology has been adopted to use the science of nature to create effective skin care. These formulations provide the building blocks for cell rejuvenation and skin restoration to refine skin matrix support.
CosMedix use chirally correct ingredients that have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin. This minimises adverse reactions and allows for the highest concentrations of active ingredients for increased effectiveness and results.
Free from artificial colours and fillers.

Laser & Lipstick

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Welcome to Laser & Lipstick

We are a private beauty clinic offering advanced beauty treatments tailored especially for you, in a personalised setting, and an appointment only system ensures minimal interruptions to your treatment. With a passion for healthy skin, we understand that beauty and wellness are inseparable and have an effect on every level - a healthy body is reflected in your skin, and when you look better, you feel better. We source products from ethical companies that limit or omit unecessary chemicals, do not test on animals, and have proven formulations based on science & research. Our in-house Health Coach can offer additional advice to compliment treatment goals. Utilising knowledge & the latest industry training, along with advanced technology and proven products, we work with you, to provide the most effective results.

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